The Association

To compile and make available a complete directory of all German automobile museums for everybody has been the basic idea of the „Association of German Museums for Auto, Motor and Technology“. The Association has existed for 25 years and presently counts 50 member museums.

After several research activities in the meantime the initiative „German Museum’s route“ (Deutsche Museumsstrasse) has been founded. It combines all well-known museums of this category and indicates the way from one veteran car or bike museum to another one, from the far North to the Alps in the South, clearly divided according to greater areas and individual sections.

History /Diversity

The whole diversity of our automobile history!
Visiting these 250 museums you can find all sorts of „self-propelling“ vehicles, namely automobiles of every description, motorcycles, mopeds or motor-assisted bicycles, as well as special vehicles like police cars and fire engines as well as steam- and electric powered vehicles.

Other museums additionally come up with other means of transport like ships and planes, show stationary machines or additional collections which only partially concern the Association’s guiding theme – according to the individually set up objective for a collection.

Every collector and museum’s association has its own vision of what should be presented to you and all other of the museum’s visitors.

Museum’s presentation

The special features of the multitude of our automobile, motorcycle and technology museums are the various exhibits as well as the various forms of exhibition.

Individual presentations „with all the bells and whistles“! On the one hand lovely decorated and garnished exhibits with accessories, on the other hand exhibits presented on a purely technological level.

They are kept in castle stables, in restored barns, in ancient factories or modern halls…

Like the exhibits, there are always other focal topics, always other surroundings, not one museum is like the other.

Additionally to the charm of the rooms and buildings there are often other local sights and a charming surrounding, which makes the outward journey worth wile to all intents and purposes.

Nearby the route

Wherever you are ‘en route’ in Germany, a short glance on your road map before you are starting your journey always worth it, because there are many museums highlights near your route.
Please have a look at our general map. If you click on blocks along your route or on your target area, you will find out which museums are nearby your route. The detailed information given by our overview will guide you to our member museums. If you need further information about other museums registered in our directory, please have a look at their opening hours before you start your journey.

Visit at the museum

Germans love their cars, the automobile is their favorite plaything. And what about the museums?
We all know it: Germany worldwide ranks first in the matter of automobiles. The automobile has been invented in Germany, the world’s most popular ones were produced in Germany. Every seventh person is working for the automobile industry or in businesses which deals with automobiles. In Formula One German drivers and German technology play an important role – Germans also have a sheer driving pleasure.

The car industry has recognized this long ago and therefore now present the background of their marks and products with a wider diversity and complexity than before.

Now it is time to completely clarify the diversified auto-museum scene of the nation, to highlight its potential quantitatively as well as qualitatively and spotlight its position amongst other museums, which has so far been rather hidden. This is the association’s basic intention.

Status of the museum

If you click on certain regions on the general map/overview you will get detailed information about all museums. It allows you to make contact with each of the museums located in this region, so that you can inform yourself about the opening hours and their particularities. Concerning the association’s museums members, which are sponsoring this service, you can furthermore learn about their exhibits as well as their opening hours and entrance fees!

Members of the association

Please kindly note in our museum’s directory the special presentation of the association’s member museums, which are illustrated with pictures and text components.

On the general map/overview the member museums can be identified by the black shaded numeric box.