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At the IAA 2009 and the AMI 2010 we started with a topic on which our association will put its focus in the near future: „Germany’s Automobile History with its impressive diversity of marks“ – remembering the availability of more than 500 automobile marks.

Special topic „Legendary German Automobile Marks“

Do you know Borgward or Wanderer? These are only two of nearly 500 marks, which stand for the German Automobile History. Many of them can be admired at the more than 200 German automobile and technology museums. At the AMI a selection of the nearly disremembered diversity of marks, with great or sometimes also small history, had been presented to the audience on a multi medial terminal in combination with the GTÜ-Oldtimer-Service, by the Association of German Museums for Automobile, Motor and Technology, also known as „Deutsche Museumsstrasse“(German Museum’s Route).

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